List of Exhibitors & Sponsors

Rtec Instruments, Inc.
1810 Oakland Road, B,
San Jose, CA 95131


Rtec-instruments have a team with over 40 years of experience in tribology and mechanical testing. We have developed ourselves to break new berries in tribology and mechanical testing field. Our quality control most stringent internal testing procedures at each stage make the tribometer trouble free, robust and fully reliable under all conditions of specified operation.

Furthermore, Rtec-instruments also offer worldwide first class service in metrology, material development, corrosion prevention, coatings, maintenance and repair. Our network of regional offices, consultants, advisers render expertise within a short time.

Lerchenfeldstr. 3
CH-9014 St. Gallen
+41 71 511 24 65


Tribotron is dedicated to innovative methods for material and surface characterization. This includes determination of material properties like abrasion, hardness, e-modulus, scratch resistance, roughness and 3D topography.

Nanovea Inc.
6 Morgen Ste 156
Irvine, CA 92618
+1 949.461.929 


Firmly aligned with its vision, Nanovea aims to simplify advanced measurement technologies to stimulate materials engineering for the common good. Ease of use, advanced automation and the dedication to superior accuracy are the driving forces behind its full range of precision instruments. As a Trusted Quality Manufacturer, Nanovea’s instruments are found internationally in distinguished educational and industrial organizations ranging from automotive to cosmetic, biotechnology to medical devices and from microelectronics to space applications. Thousands of clients rely on Nanovea for accurate & honest solutions, superior instruments and experienced laboratory and consulting services.

LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH
Im Tiefen See 58
64293 Darmstadt 
+49 6151 88060

LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH is one of the most powerful European suppliers of components and leading edge instrumentation with applications in materials characterization, thin film analysis, spe­cial cameras and imaging, spectroscopy, photonics, bio- and nanotechnology. Even our long-established and loyal customers will be surprised at the new products in our delivery program are always state-of-the-art.

With the NanoTest system from Micro Materials Ltd. we offer an universal platform for different methods to characterize the mechanical properties of surfaces and thin films. The modularity of the system allows to combine all the measurement modules or to tailor the system according dedicated applications.
The NanoTest has the lowest drift rate of all instruments in the market, either at room temperature or at elevated temperature. With the newest addition of the NanoTest Xtreme, experiments in high vacuum can be undertaken at even higher temperatures up to 950°C and more.

Ducom Instruments Europe B.V.
Groningen, 9713 GX
+31 652381227

Customers of Ducom Instruments stay competitive and innovative by using our tailor made solutions. It is in the form of packages of tribometers that can work in parallel to achieve self-reliant and sustainable solutions in a timely manner. Therefore, we aim at co-development of the tribology laboratory that is focused on delivering the customers value proposition. Besides academic research, several types of industries like aerospace, mining, petroleum and refineries, medical products and energy have profited by working with Ducom Instruments. 

Bruker France
4 Alleé Hendrik Lorentz - Bâtiment A5
Parc de la Haute Maison - CHAMPS-SUR-MARNE

+33 1 72 86 61 04

Bruker Nano Surface

Bruker is a leading provider of high-performance scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis.  Bruker Nano Surfaces Division manufactures atomic force microscopy, white light optical profilers, stylus profilers, tribology & mechanical testing tools and fluorescens microscopes. Whatever your surface measurement and surface analysis needs, Bruker has a specialized high-performance solution for you.


Our atomic force microscopes and other nano technologies incorporate the very latest advances in AFM techniques, including the revolutionary self optimising ScanAsyst™ AFM imaging mode and the PeakForce QNM® atomic force microscopy imaging mode to ideally suit a wide array of application areas.


Our 3D metrology and inspection systems include Optical and Stylus Profilers. These deliver high speed automated measurements of critical dimensions, roughness, flatness and form. Applications include QA/QC on medical devices, tribology, film thickness, trench depths and optics form and finish.


Our TriboLab Universal Mechanical Tester (UMT) system is a unique platform that can be configured for almost any mechanical test. Applications include micro and nanoindentation, scratch testing, wear testing, tensile testing, tribocorrosion and more. Ultimate accurachy is ensured via proprietary multi-sensing technology,highest-performance force sensors, high-frequency acoustic emission sensors and amplifiers, and more.


Bruker’s suite of fluorescence microscopy systems provides a full range of solutions for life science researchers, including multiphoton imaging systems, confocal systems and the super-resolution microscopes that are setting new standards for throughput and creating new opportunities for live cell imaging.